Why join Great Big Read?

Why join Great Big Read?

  • Proud to offer a personalised service, we love igniting a passion for reading and books within our local community.
  • We believe ALL children will benefit from access to more books.
  • By inspiring teachers, children and parents, we help literacy levels skyrocket!
  • Our challenge complements the curriculum and embeds into school lessons.
  • By facilitating every aspect of the event, Pop-Up Bookshop leaves teachers time free to teach!
  • There is no fee to join, no obligation to contribute financially, and all registered children receive recognition with a certificate, badge and bookmark.
  • Great Big Read settings benefit from lots of extra books… without affecting limited annual budgets!
  • Pupil Premium families supported with free pre-loved books.
  • We rally support from local businesses and the community. Working together, we make a great big difference.

Check out our introductory promotional video including testimonials from Avonwood Primary School, Heatherlands Primary School, and Tops Day Nurseries.

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A challenge for every child!

  • Great Big Read is for every child regardless of age, ability, or demographic, ensuring equal access for all.
  • We invest time to get to know each setting and listen to feedback from teachers, parents, and children to adapt as we grow.
  • We create opportunities for children to engage across different ages within their community to learn from other generations and perspectives.
  • We model inclusive language and promote all forms of literacy and cultural diversity, embracing varied outlooks and new ideas.
  • We encourage children to share their own unique experiences, talents, academic, and creative strengths.
  • We provide children with multiple ways to engage, we let children choose, and we don't compare the progress of one child to another.
  • We actively promote mindfulness and wellbeing by incorporating calm, purposeful reading tasks into our challenge.